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Tired All The Time ? : 28 Effective Tips To Feel Rejuvenated

Why Am I Always Tired ?. 28 Simple Ways To Feel Energized Every Day.

tired all the time. why am i always tired. Feel Tired All The Time ?. Mental Fatigue Is More Tiring Than The Physical Tiredness.

Tired and exhausted ?. If each day, you feel you can’t muster enough vigor to get through the day, you are not alone. Millions of people the world over, are managing full-time jobs, parenting responsibilities, managing home, hobbies and social lives on daily basis. We are frazzled bunch — and we need novel ways to fight fatigue and feel energized all day long.

Why Am I Always Tired

You feel tired because you are overexerting yourself both Mentally and Physically. Here is a list of simple tips for feeling vibrant and energized every single day.

Jump-Start Your Day:
Being an early bird has countless benefits. The first advantage is the extra time gained in the day. The extra hours may be used to work out, meditate, read or pursue a hobby. Waking up early usually means that your day gets a great start. As an added bonus, you may catch a glimpse of the sunrise or gaze at the morning sky while drinking your cup of tea, to jump-start your day.

Stretch Out:
Stretching is relaxing and helps ease your shoulders, back, hips and legs. The health benefits ?. Greater comfort and flexibility with your own body. Stretching improves blood circulation and rejuvenates the tired body tissues. If you stretch properly, you will feel immediate benefits both physically and mentally. As a plus, stretching improves balance and stability and enhances your posture.

Juice Up:
Drinking fruit juice is almost as healthy as eating a piece of raw fruit. Try having it on an empty stomach 15 minutes before other meals. Mix juices contain essential nutrients, vital minerals and natural sugars that will re-energize your tired body. Read  Juice Therapy : Juicing Diet To Detox, Cleansing and Good Health for more info.

Unwind Your Mind Naturally:
To release tension in your mind and tired body, lie on the floor or your bed and relax. Inhale and exhale as you tense and release your muscles one at a time, starting with your toes and moving up your body to the top of your head. Let go of the tensions, stress and anxiety you felt throughout the day.

Revitalize With A Foot Massage:
After an exhausting day at work, or a hectic weekend, relieve the stress and pain with a foot massage. A 15-minute foot massage can help you soothe your tired feet, help you sleep better, get recharged, and be ready for another hectic day at the work.

Try A Power Shower:
Ever tried a power shower when feeling tired ?. It really helps. Finish your morning shower with a one-minute blast of cold water. You may shiver a little at first, but this improves blood circulation and leaves you feeling tingling fresh. It uplifts you and invigorates you with the essence of life. Give it a go, you will undeniably feel more alive.

Eat More Green Stuff:
You know green veggies are good for you. Try to consume as much as possible every single day to make sure that you get plenty of vitamins, fibers and antioxidants. The human body needs roughage, so eat up. Veggies are nutrient dense and will re-vitalize your tired body.

Just Do Something:
A sedentary lifestyle saps your energy and makes you feel mentally tired, but taking action empowers and recharges you.The more interesting and exciting your life, the more alive and energetic you are likely to feel. So live it up.

Feed On Fruit:
Fruits make the perfect snack — they’re both easily accessible and very tasty.  Fruits contain Natural sugars that provides burst of energy to the tired body. The fruits are also loaded with fiber and vitamins. For a quick energy boost, try this simple recipe for fatigue: Slice a washed, cored apple into small pieces. Place them in a bowl and pour one cup of boiling water till the apples are fully soaked. Let the bowl sit for a while. Add one tablespoonful of honey and stir well. Eat the apple and then sip the leftover liquid for an instant energy shot.

Go Get Moving:
Do you ever wonder why you feel great after along run ?. That euphoric feeling which can last up to 12 hours for some people, has a scientific explanation. Exercising releases endorphins that make you feel alive, refreshed and energized all day. Brisk walking is another way to feel alert and energized. The more physically fit you are, the less fatigue you will feel. Over time you will build stamina and will feel less tired. So, workout regularly to keep fit.

Look Great For Your Own Sake :
You feel great, when you know you are looking great. Tired feeling comes from Brain. It’s simple Look Good-Feel Good. Have you ever wondered how movie stars get that glowing, youthful skin ?. Ex-foliation is the magic word. No matter how well you wash your face, if you do not ex-foliate, dead skin cells will build up. When this happens, your skin will appear dull and lifeless. Ex-foliation makes a major difference. Just try it.

Catch A Catnap:
Catnaps are good for you. However, there’s a major difference between a “nap” and a “power nap”. The nap time that seems to give the greatest benefits and can keep you energetic all day is right there in the 10 to 20 minutes range. Catching a quick nap gives your tired brain opportunity to take rest and reboot.

Just Stay Hydrated:
To keep fatigue at bay, try to drink at least 8 glasses of water a day. Drink even more water if you exercise. If you can’t drink plain water, add a dash of fresh lemon or lime juice and drink up. Water is the magic elixir for a tired body.

Buy Yourself Flowers:
The sight and fragrance of exquisite flowers can perk up even the most stressful of days. Instead of waiting for someone to buy you flower, why not pick up a beautiful bunch for yourself and inhale the multi-hued fragrance of life ?. Surrounding yourself with flowers and other things of beauty will soothe your tired self and is undoubtedly going to lift your spirits and fill you with joy.

Wear Comfortable Shoes:
People need to choose shoes that fit their feet, not make their feet fit the shoes. But in our fashion conscious world, many women choose to hobble around in ridiculously high heels. The results: your feet are killing you before the day is through. Seriously, why walk through your life feeling tired and uncomfortable ?. Always choose shoes that look smart but are easy to walk around in.

Say Yes To Joy:
Aim to create at least 3 joyful treats in your life everyday. A treat isn’t necessarily food, it’s anything that you can look forward to and something that nourishes you physically or emotionally: a stunning sunset, a huge bowl of chocolate, ice-cream, or an evening spent with friends, all create joy in your everyday life and let you going. Feeling of joy calms a tired brain and help it relax.

Sip Green Tea:
Green Tea is packed with anti-oxidants and refreshing agents that re-energize the tired body and make you feel rejuvenated.

Go Nutty:
Keep small bags of nuts and dried fruits (like Pistachios, cashews, raisins or dates) in your bag. The healthy fats and fiber in this snack will sustain you longer than any candy bar when hunger pangs strike suddenly. Nuts are Nutrient and energy dense and provides instant kick to your tired body. Read  Pistachios : Complete Guide to Health Benefits for more info.

Get A Banana Boost:
Fresh, ripe bananas are a super source of fruit sugars and can give a quick energy boost. If you want a quick fix for flagging energy levels and tired body, there’s no better snack than a banana. A banana gives an instant and substantial boost of energy.  Banana Nutrition Facts and Health Benefits   has complete information.

Munch On Chocolates:
Every once in a while treat yourself to a bar of high-quality dark chocolate. Always sit down and eat it slowly, relishing each mouthful. Enjoy the feeling of the chocolate melting in your mouth. This combination of taste and texture makes chocolate a preferred form of “comfort food” that soothes both tired body and soul.

Try Out Something New:
Learn a new skill or eat something new that you’ve never tried before. Try a new exercise class. Making slight changes in your everyday routine removes mental cobwebs, helps your tired brain relax and gets your energy flowing.

Look At The Bright Side:
A positive attitude, positive thinking and optimism are known to have many positive benefits in life. If you find yourself fretting about an uncertain future, take 5 minutes to imagine that it will have a positive outcome. Worrying saps you of energy and makes you feel overburdened & tired whereas a positive, optimistic attitude towards life will definitely keep the spring in your step all day long.

Chill Out More:
Spend time outdoors every day. Just spend 10 minutes to breathe fresh air, enjoy the weather, and listen to the birds. Getting in touch with nature will invigorate you and calm your tired brain.

Breathe Away Stress:
When you’re frazzled, take a few deep breaths to relax yourself to soothe your nerves and tranquilize your tired mind. You can do it any time, and it becomes even more effective with practice. If you need to relax, set aside a few moments a day to practice deep-breathing to calm yourself down.

Take Time Out:
If you are working too hard, take regular breaks. Stop your task, take a deep breath and stretch. Lack of movement creates fatigue, but brief breaks keep you clear-headed, fresh and rejuvenates a tired mind.

Detox With Salt:
A simple way to draw toxins out of the body after a hard day of labor is to take a hot Epsom salt bath. Simply massage Epsom salt into your wet skin when in the shower. Afterwards, rinse thoroughly. It’s refreshing and relaxes a tired body.

Show Yourself Some Love:
Whenever you find yourself brooding over past mistakes, make a list of all the people who love and respect you. Remember all the things you have achieved in life, and the road ahead. Remember to count your blessings and give thanks for the good life you already have.

Catch Some Zzzs:
Get regular,good quality sleep to ensure that your tired body has time to recover and heal itself. Try taking a hot bath and then retire to bed with a cup of hot milk and a good book. Just try it. A goodnight’s sleep keeps fatigue at bay all through the next day.

Once you have tried out a few of these suggestions, consider making them a permanent part of your life. They will help you feel energized, refreshed and will never let you feel tired .

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