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This promises to share with you everything that you need to know about mouth condoms.

After knowing that you wish to know about mouth condoms, you may want to buy them.

We’ll also make some recommendations of the best mouth condoms here and where you can possibly buy them.

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Let’s get into the real discussion about mouth condoms.

What is a mouth condom?

Well, for the sake of those that do not really know what a mouth condom is, I will be shedding more light so they have a better understanding.

For those who want to know where to buy, it is also important you know this about mouth condoms.

This can add to what you already know about tongue condoms.

Mouth condoms are one of the most unfamiliar s*xual products out there.

I believe you only know about the conventional condom that is worn on the penis during s*xual intercourse to prevent s*xually transmitted diseases (STD).

Can the same condom be worn on the tongue in the case of a mouth condom?

Read on to find out!

If someone mentions a “mouth condom,” they might be referring to a dental dam.

A dental dam is a thin, rectangular sheet made of latex or polyurethane that is used as a barrier during oral sex.

In some parts of the world, they call it “head”.

It is placed over the genitals or anus to provide a barrier between the mouth and the area being stimulated, reducing the risk of transmitting any form of infection to the person that is sucking the genitals or anus.

Dental dams or mouth condoms as you may like to call them are not widely used and so finding them in medical stores may be challenging.

Tip: If you have specific concerns about sexual health or safe sexual practices, it’s advisable to consult with a healthcare professional or a sexual health organization for proper guide on how to go about your sexual life.

However, as you read on; I will recommend some of the places where you can buy mouth condoms.

But before then, let’s share with you how to choose a mouth condom.

How to choose a mouth condom

As already said in the first few paragraphs of this article, this product helps you enjoy safer oral sex.

But there are some factors to consider when choosing mouth condoms.

  • Latex or polyurethane condoms
  • Dental dams, which are latex squares
  • Plastic wrap

Safety precautions to consider when using mouth condoms

Check expiry date – This does not just apply to mouth condoms but to other health-related products that you want to use.

Condoms have long validity but always check before use.

Only use polyurethane condoms – For those who are allergic to latex, polyurethane condoms offer a safe option.

You should stay away from condoms containing spermicide, just like you should with latex condoms.

Where to buy mouth condoms

Can you still remember that I promised to recommend some places and stores where you can buy mouth condoms?

Now is the time!

Now, here are my 3 go-to spots when you need to buy a mouth condom:

  1. Local pharmacies or drugstores – Visit your local pharmacy or drugstore and inquire if they sell dental dams. They may have them in stock or be able to source them for you.
  2. Online retailers – Numerous online retailers specialize in sexual health products and offer dental dams for sale. Some popular options include Amazon, CVS, Walgreens, and other reputable online stores.
  3. Sexual health clinics or family planning centers – Contact sexual health clinics or family planning centers in your locality. They may provide muth condoms for free or at a reduced cost, or they can direct you to places where you can get them.

Remember to consider the laws and regulations in your country or region regarding the sale and use of sexual health products.

Additionally, it’s always a good idea to check product reviews, ensure the reliability of the seller, and verify the authenticity and safety of the product before making a purchase.

Keynotes before leaving

Even while there is a lesser chance of getting some STIs from oral sex than from vaginal or anal sex, it is still possible.

Many STDs such as HIV and HPV are the main cause of oropharyngeal malignancies and can be avoided by using a tongue condom or dental dam to stop the passage of bodily fluids.

Always read the labeling and buy STD-prevention-rated products that are suitable for oral use.

Always put on a new condom before switching to vaginal or anal intercourse, and wear tongue condoms until the oral sex session is over.

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