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Baby Proofing : Top Home Safety Tips

How To Baby Proof Your House, When Baby Crawls

Baby Proofing : Top Home Safety Tips Baby Proofing Your Home Is Vital For Child Safety

Baby Proofing your home is extremely important. Accidents involving little children, happen much more often than we think. We may consider our home to be a safe haven. But to a little baby who is just learning to crawl or walk and who is busy exploring new activities every day- it can be an accident prone area. They can fall into a bucket of water, splatter them selves with a pan of hot food left at the edge of a kitchen counter, get an electric shock when they poke their finger into a plug point which is too near the floor, cut themselves on sharp instruments or even pull glass crockery from the coffee table. A baby learning to roll over, may just fall off the bed.

Everything around us can become a potential hazard and the little one is unaware of the danger surrounding her or him. To see the world from their point of view, it is essential that you get down on all fours and look around with the eyes of a curious baby. The next step would be to ‘baby-proof’ your home to guard against all these accidents just waiting to happen.

Baby Proofing The Family Room

  • Keep away all heavy bric-abrac, crystal and glass curios. A baby may not only break them but cause cuts and injuries to himself or herself in the bargain.
  • Cover all unused electrical outlets with safety caps or tape.
  • Don’t leave electrical cords from TVs and lamps hanging. Unplug wherever possible. The baby might just give it a tug.
  • Position the TV or Home Theater Systems in such a way that baby cannot fiddle with the back, which may cause electric shocks.
  • It is better to remove small rugs as it may cause you to trip while carrying a baby.
  • Empty all ashtrays immediately and never keep burning cigarettes lying around. The baby might swallow one.
  • Keep all alcoholic drinks safely locked away.

Baby Proofing The Bedroom

  • Don’t keep cosmetics and perfumes where your toddler can get to them.
  • Remove all medicines from the baby’s reach.
  • Never keep coins or any small objects on low dressing tables. If baby swallows anything, they might cause choking. Or the baby might just stick into up his or her nose.
  • Disconnect any electrical appliances like hair dryers, shavers, chargers etc.
  • Never leave a hot iron where a baby can reach it.
  • Ensure that cupboard doors can be opened from the inside, in case the baby gets stuck inside.
  • If you have low drawers ensure that there are no small objects inside because the baby can easily open the drawer and fiddle inside.
  • Try to do away with a pillow for the baby, as it can accidentally cause suffocation.
  • Be careful while buying toys and keep a close watch on them even later. Sharp edges, toxic paints, small buttons for eyes or stuffed
  • sawdust and foam can be harmful.

Baby Proofing The Kitchen

A kitchen with its fire, many electrical gadgets, and umpteen utensils like knives and forks is a danger zone and one has to be especially careful here.

  • Turn saucepan handles inwards or the baby might reach up and pull them down. Very dangerous if it is full of hot stuff.
  • Keep all hot dishes out of the reach of the baby.
  • Keep all knives, forks, spoons, matches and lighters out of the reach of the baby.
  • Don’t allow your baby to ever fiddle with the knobs of the stove or oven.
  • Make sure that no electrical gadgets or their wires are within reach.
  • Keep the refrigerator locked or the baby might easily pull it open.
  • Keep away all detergents, pesticides, etc.
  • Keep your dustbin out of the reach of the baby.
  • If anything spills on the floor, mop it up immediately.

Baby Proofing The Bathroom

  • As far as possible, keep the bathroom door bolted from the outside, so that the baby cannot get in.
  • Keep the toiletries, Soaps, Shampoos, Blades, Lotions, Creams at high places out of Baby’s reach
  • Keep the lid of the toilet seat down. There have been cases when babies have leaned and toppled in or have splashed and even drunk that water.
  • Never keep buckets or tubs filled with water, unguarded.
  • Never leave a baby unguarded even for a moment when bathing in a bathtub (to answer the doorbell or phone). Babies have been known to drown in a few inches of water.
  • Put a non-slip mat in the bath.

10 Home Safety Tips For Childproofing

  • Make sure to keep older children’s toys away from younger children.
  • Keep cigarettes, lighters, matches, and lit candles out of children’s reach.
  • Children’s clothing should not have small buttons or ties around the neck
  • Banish little ones from the grilling area, as well as any structure or shed that might contain tools, lawn mowers, etc.
  • Childproof the pool. Install a five-foot-high fence around its perimeter. Make sure that the gate to the pool has a lock that prevents  children from entering alone but can be opened quickly by an adult in case of an emergency. And also don’t let water accumulate on the top of the pool cover—that’s a drowning hazard.
  • Don’t carry hot food or drink and your baby at the same time.
  • Put locks or latches on cupboards and drawers that contain unsafe items.
  • Position your child’s crib away from all drapery, electrical cords, and windows.
  • Install a safety cover on the garbage disposal bin.
  • Don’t leave toys in the crib when your baby is sleeping.

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