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How To Be Organized ? : 15 Ways To Declutter Your Life

Learn How To Get Organized And How To Declutter Your Life Easily & Effectively

how to be organized, Learn How To Organize Your Life If You Just Know How To Be Organized, You Can Reduce Stress, Increase Your Productivity And Can Quickly Get Things Done.

Want to learn how to be organized ?. Studies at John Hopkins University recently found a genetic basis for hoarding behavior !!. Nevertheless, follow these easy rules, make a plan, follow through and declutter your life easily and effectively.

How To Get Organized

Rule 1 : Give it Away NOW
Remind yourself each day that today’s all we have got. There is nothing wrong with collecting stuff. But if you want to spend less time cleaning and organizing, give away things that no longer serve any purpose. Now, you are freeing up more time for yourself to follow up on your dreams and goals. If you have stored away stuff belonging to any of your dear departed ones, steel up your will power and donate them away. It is time to move on and not continue to live in the past. Your present is more important.

Rule 2 : Know What It Is Worth
If you are confused whether to keep or give away something, then objectively assess it’s worth and then take a call. For eg., if you have an antique china pot bequeathed to you by an uncle, and if you are unsure of what it is worth, Google it to find images or websites that could provide key information. Or browse through e-bay’s collectibles and arts section to discern its current market value.

Rule 3 : You Need No More Than 33 Items In Your Closet
Most of us wear only 20 per cent of our clothes 80 per cent of the time. A simpler closet or wardrobe is the gateway to a simpler and more organized life. Not only will getting dressed be a breeze, it will also help you to stick to a combination of well-fitting basics and trendy styles.

Rule 4 : How To Be Organized ?. Just Use A Junk Drawer
Maintain a junk drawer where you throw in a lot of your favorite collectibles. It helps add a sense of mystery to your life. Open it from time to time to pick up the items inside and look at them. This is a space that has no designated purpose and yet has some reason for its existence. Every clean house needs a chaotic spot. This is where you can spend some time marveling at the unknowable intricacies of our minds.

Rule 5 : Don’t Be Afraid To Start Over
When you have decluttered and reduced your number of belongings, there are no small additions. When you set out to buy new things, you pause before randomly buying stuff. You want to own objects that comfort you or inspire you in some way. Now, you prefer to think of yourself as the architect of your own life, purposefully rebuilding from the ground up.

Rule 6 : Finish The Cycle
Consider your washing machine. You would never fill it with dirty clothes, let it run for 20 minutes, turn it off and let the clothes sit for two days. That would create a stinky mess!. So too with daily routines. Doing things half way wreaks havoc. That is why it is important to finish each cycle. If you bring a dirty plate into the kitchen, don’t leave it on the counter. Either place it in the dishwasher, or wash it immediately. When you come back from work, hang your clothes neatly in the closet. Bring in mail but don’t toss them on to the table. Sort through them and throw out unwanted stuff.

Rule 7 : Redistribute, Reuse, Reinvent
Gather your friends and trade with them a few things you don’t want for what you do need. Invite your friends at least a month in advance. This gives them time to unearth treasures lurking in closets and cupboards that they do not need any more. Be specific and ask them to bring clean workable items like a toaster or an extra yoga mat. Display everyone’s items on a table. Take turns claiming one item at a time.

Rule 8 : If You Are Stalling, Try Repeating A Declutter Mantra
When you find it difficult to throw something away for sentimental reasons, use some of these mantras or affirmations:

  • That jacket that is worn and tattered, even though gifted by your mom, is not your mother.
  • You only have the space you have.
  • When you put things into a pile to deal with it later, you have lost the battle.
  • Flat surfaces are not storage areas.
  • Everything in your home should reflect the vision for the life you want.

Rule 9 : Get Your Digital House In Order
Clutter on your computer, Smartphone or tablet is almost as distracting as a mess in your living room. Tidy out all your devices. Desktop-Sort icons on your desktop into organized clusters that are visible or hidden, so that they are easy to find and easier on the eyes. Do likewise with your photos and passwords. Picasa will scan your hard drive for pictures, and help you sort your albums by date, place or even face.

Rule 10 : Fork It
Everyone has a place in their homes for forks. If you happen to find a random fork in the bathroom or under the couch, you know it doesn’t belong there and you would immediately return it to its place. Everything in your life should be this easy to put away. If an item occupies no specific location when not in use, it becomes clutter.

Rule 11 : You Have Permission To Get Rid Of…

  • Unused devices at home.
  • Toys and books if your children are grown up
  • User manuals. You don’t need them, they are available online
  • Your half dozen paper weights
  • Anything else you do not find any use for

Rule 12 : Use What You Have
Is your fridge crowded with remnants of recipes past ?. Throw them out and cook afresh each day.

Rule 13 : De-Clutter Souvenirs, Garage Sale Picks, Discount Items That You Don’t Need Anymore
To clutter is human. We collect stories, emotions and experiences. Why not things ?. It is natural to accumulate. To believe otherwise, is setting yourself up for disappointment and failure. Just because something made you happy in the past doesn’t mean that you have to keep it forever.

Rule 14 : Clean Kitchen Means Healthy Family
Target the pantry staple that’s tripping you up. Maybe it’s baking supplies or snacks. Use bins and baskets to organize similar items. Label your containers so you know what goes where when you’re unloading your next round of groceries.

Rule 15 : Out of Sight, Out of Mind: Box and Banish
Gather all clutter from counters, drawers, chairs, tables, floors, and bathtubs. Place the clutter into boxes or bags, and stack it somewhere outside the living area. Work until all surfaces are clear and clutter free. Whenever you get chance, open each box or bag of clutter. Decide whether each item inside should be thrown away, put away, given away or sold, or stored. In extreme cases, declutterers have been known to throw away Box and Banish boxes, sight unseen

Decluttering is a chance to open up physical and mental space, creating room for possibility. Engage with the things that you give away. As your pile of stuff that you want to give away grows, appreciate it. It means you are growing and learning how to be organized.

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