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How To Fix A Relationship And Turn Things Around

Learn How to Fix a Broken Relationship. Relationship Tips For Healthy Relationship.

How To Fix A Relationship broken It Takes Months and Years to Nurture a Relationship so Value and Respect it

How To Fix A Relationship ?. Three things I want in a relationship: Eyes that wont cry, lips than wont lie, and love that wont die.

Love, respect and trust lay the foundation of a relationship, and when any of these is shaken, it leaves life in pieces of pain and disappointment. To break up isn’t as easy as it sounds, because when you decide to call it  quits there is so much at stake that was once so special to the two of you. There are dreams of the future and memories of the past – there are the time, energy and emotions of years, there are smiles and tears. All this goes in vain and lose their meaning. Life suddenly seems to get entangled in a feeling that is hollow and dead.

How To Save A Relationship

Some people feel Once trust is broken, it’s broken forever. The relationship won’t ever be the same again even if you try to rebuild it. But life doesn’t work that way. It takes months and years to nurture a relationship but only few seconds of insanity to destroy it.

  •  Some people have very neutral opinions and feel that trust can be rebuilt but not completely. It won’t be the same virginal trust. The lines of damage may get lighter with time but they will always stay. If the relationship is too precious for you to let go, then it may be worth taking another chance.
  •  Before you decide to nurse your ailing heart by going back to your beloved, analyze the reasons for the tiff. It may be a breach of trust, mismatch of future dreams, clash of personality traits, unreasonably over-possessive behavior or complete neglect. Whatever be the reason, be flexible, give benefit of doubt and go for the best way forward.
  •  You must leave room for human error because no one is perfect. If your instinct tells you to give another chance to your beloved, then you must go for it. But make sure to set your rules for the future.
  •  As they say,“Change is the only constant.” You can love it, you can hate it, but you can’t ignore it. So you must be prepared to expect a lot of changes when you go back to an old relationship. If time as a factor is predominant between the period you broke up and you decide to patch up, then this change will be further highlighted. Time, argument and analysis that follow a broken relationship are all bound to impact the intensity and nature of a relationship.
  •  Time: Time is one of the primary factors responsible for bringing in any kind of a change in two persons. Time would definitely change you as well as your partner. So, when you decide to get back, be prepared to find certain changes in your partner’s personality and perception about life.
  •  Argument: You might have said things in bouts of anger while you broke up without really meaning them, but rude remarks are bound to leave their imprints. So it’s always better to discuss certain things over before hand and clarify all the arguments and issues, else you may have to bear similar consequences as earlier.
  • People: Once away from your so-called soul mate, you would definitely come across a lot of new people, you will make new friends. And all this will in any way influence your ways of life to some extent. You may have some problem accommodating your new acquaintances as well as pals with your mate.
  •  Dreams and priorities: During the time you two were not together, circumstances may have changed your future dreams as well as how you prioritize things. Initially, you may feel uncomfortable being with this changed person whom you may have once loved for the way he or she was.
  •  Analysis: When a relationship breaks, sooner or later every one tries to analyze the whole situation that led to the break-up. This analysis may bring forth a lot of hidden facets of your own and your partner’s personality traits. It’s not easy to cope with such revelations, especially when the two of you have been together for quite long.

How To Fix A Broken Relationship

Once you are mentally and emotionally ready to accept all expected and unexpected changes – the next step is to cope with them. The only way to do so is bring to the forefront the driving emotion and the prime reason for your coming back to this person: LOVE – because only love can give you the strength to make the relationship as beautiful as earlier. And this has to come from both sides. When loving someone with a strong passion and will is your prerogative, only then that it’s possible to overlook the odds.

Even after all this, it won’t really be that easy a task. But you have to keep working towards it. Time is a great factor. Remember, to Fix A Broken Relationship Love and respect have to come instantly and rest will follow.

Steps towards starting a fresh with the same person:

  •  Clarify all misunderstandings.Put the past behind before looking at the future.
  •  Accept your respective mistakes and apologize because apologizing doesn’t always mean that you are wrong and the other person is right, neither does it make you small. It only means that you value the “relationship” and each other much more than “one-up manship.”
  •  Put behind the memories that have been poisoned by bad times. Try and make new memories.
  • Change of environment works wonders for the human spirit. So go out for a vacation.
  • Go for dates. It’s like starting all over again but it will definitely bring freshness in your relationship.
  • Try to relive good times that you still value and celebrate life each moment.
  • Make your soul mate feel special. Give him/her surprises that make him/her happy.
  • Always remember, no person is bad, it’s the circumstances that go bad and cause mis-understanding to happen

A relationship has a strange similarity with the stock market. You invest in both with a positive hope to reap fruits of happiness and security for a lifetime. But, both at times can turn life into a complex stigma of confusion, uncertainty and loss. It’s just that in one there is loss of emotions and in the other it’s money. Both of which are integral for survival.

To go back to a sour relation or to shun your one-time lover is completely your call. It’s for you to decide which road to take. But in all circumstance one thing is sure that it will take time for a relation to prosper and get its original sheen back and to build that untrammeled trust. If you have enough patience and love for that someone special, then go and embrace your beloved before it gets too late.

If there’s a Will there’s a Way. If you honestly try, then you really can Fix A Relationship

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