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How To Move On After A Break Up – The Must Know Tips

Learn How To Move On After A Break Up. Must Know Tips To Recover from a Broken Relationship and Heart Break

How to move on after a break up What’s Done is Done. What’s Gone is Gone. One of Life’s Lesson is Always Moving on. It’s Ok To Look Back And Think Of Fond Memories But Keep Moving Forward. - (Photo Credit - Flickr/CC)

A friend who could not be there when you needed him or her the most, a mate who despite his or her presence could not hold your hand when you lost track, a partner who betrayed you for someone else, is just not worth your time and love. He or she is just not worth so much regret and repentance. Just gather the guts and do what he or she did to you – MOVE ON.

It might not be as easy as it sounds, there will definitely be initial hiccups. As they say, memories make a lifetime, but only the pleasant ones. So just amputate those ugly memories that depress you every moment. Gather the courage and take your first step towards moving on.

Having done that, you have already won half the battle. And for the remaining half try and follow some of these suggestions:

Cut Your Communication With Your Ex

If you want to move on, you will have to cut your communications with your Ex. If you cannot decide that you have to move forward, most probably you will not.  You can contact him/her after you felt that you already have moved on. Remove the contact number from your mobile. If the person keeps on texting you and not being consistent, he or she is probably playing with your emotion. Your heart is not their playground. You better block him/her for the meantime and move on.

Think, Contemplate, Learn & Move On

Learn to not have expectations, learn to not be dependent on anyone, learn to not give the right to someone to hurt you, learn to be the way the world is. After all, for how long can you sit and cry over a friendship gone wrong ?. Who would permit you the time to hate yourself for showing your trust in the wrong person.  And why should you question yourself for someone else’s fault, anything ?. Move On.

Go Out And Explore

Moving out will definitely help you to move on. Go out, the world is beautiful, the places are innumerable, choose your destination, and give your senses a feel of what they require, that is change. Change from the monotony of everyday routine.

Give Time To Yourself And Your Interests

We always find time for everything and everyone, but at times it becomes indispensable that you find time for yourself. Do what you like, do something that helps you shake off all your tensions and mundane problems. Move on from grief, follow your heart, follow your interests. Sing, dance, paint, travel, work out, write, party, do everything and anything that makes you smile.

Write All Your Feelings Down

Write in a journal or a diary. Most of all, be absolutely honest and don’t edit yourself as you go. Pour out your innermost feelings and anger. Trust me, this will make you feel lighter and the anger burning inside you would magically subside. You will be amazed how calm you feel once your have poured out your accumulated anger onto paper or online diary and will definitely help you to move on.

Interact & Socialize

There’s no better way than socializing to forget your worries and divert your mind. It could initially be difficult to connect with people, especially if you are an introvert, but not impossible. It may take some time to break the ice but eventually you would feel detached from all your problems once you talk and keep yourself engrossed in the company of someone. Be it at your workplace, be it the mode of travel, be it the public library, be it your gymnasium or public park, just talk and interact with people around. Remember life never stops so move on.

Become involved in your Hobby

Start focusing your life on other things. Start exercising, start painting, make a club, visit a old age home, go out for a trekking trip . Just because something didn’t happen or a relationship is lost, doesn’t have to mean you are over or lost. Be strong and let your positive approach to life help you to move on.

Spend Time With Family

The whole world may turn their backs on you but it’s your parents, children and siblings who would always make you feel special, loved and cared for. Family can have a healing effect when you are down and out. Try and spend as much time as possible with your family, they will surely help you move on.

Focus On Productive Projects

Now is the perfect moment to take all of the time that has been freed up in your social schedule and devote it to something that will better your life. Open a new business, learn a new skill or trade, join a committee or a local group, or take a class. Do whatever you think helps you to move on. Working on yourself will benefit every one involved, and the hurt of a dissolved relationship will be less difficult to manage. Work on yourself – your self esteem, your goals, your dreams.

Pray, Meditate, Ask Almighty For Help

Ask for God’s guidance, understanding and help to move on from this bad phase of life. Everything has a purpose. Maybe God has someone way better for you after all. Visit the Church or Temple or wherever you believe. Talk to God, pray to him for peace and guidance. Try meditation for calming your mind and for enabling you to sleep better

Refresh Your Surroundings

Surround yourself with beautiful flowers. Visit a friend’s place. Go out for week long vacation. Buy a colorful bed sheet. Buy yourself the dress that you ever wanted.  Display for the first time a type of flower at your flower vase in your bedroom. Give your old surroundings a new look. Move on to a new positive, colorful and vibrant lifestyle.

Re-claim Ownership And Full Control Of Your Life

No one else is responsible for you.  You are in full control of your life so long as you claim it and own it. If you want to change, if you want to let go and move on with your life, you’re the only person who can make it happen. Have faith, have confidence in yourself. Remember everything happens for good.

Accept The Truth And Be Thankful

Sometimes things happen because they are were destined to happen that way. Be thankful that you got chance to move on before things became more complex or your life became more entangled in something which would give you nothing but pain. Make sure you learn to maintain your emotional levels at just moderate frequency – that is to be emotionally attached to people and places only to such an extent that you can easily detach yourself if things don’t stay the same in years to come.

The Rule Is Simple

“Someone would walk in when someone walks out” or, if you see it from the other person’s perspective, “Someone has to walk out when someone walks in.” The choice is yours, about how you take this and move on. See it positively, see it as more than a routine affair, see it with emotional strength and hope, and you would retain your smile forever. Meet someone new. And who knows? They might be the one you’ve been needing all along.

At the end, just a word of caution. Do everything but don’t repeat something that gives the need to read this article again. Just make sure you don’t give over-importance to any of your future friends. It’s equally your fault as it was his or her in hurting you. Whether you give this right to someone or not lies completely with you.

It’s natural to feel cheated, insulted and betrayed after investing a great amount of time, emotions, and affection in a relationship. And all of a sudden it is not an easy task to move on. Just make yourself believe that there is no other way but to accept the reality, and apply the ‘forgive and forget’ policy. But hang on for a while to make sure that the forgetting part is accompanied by learning before you move on.

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