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How To Relieve Stress : 50 Must Know Techniques For Stress Relief

Learn How To Deal With Stress. Must Know Exercises & Tips On How To Relieve Stress

how to relieve stress relief , good ways to relieve stress The Greatest Weapon Against Stress Is Our Ability To Choose One Thought Over Another.                   (ImageCredit - Flickr/cc)

Learning how to relieve stress is vital for our happiness, success and well-being.

Stress is the adverse reaction people have to excessive pressure placed on them from extraordinary demands, constraints or opportunities. Stress is the main cause of a ton of health and behavioral problems. In fact, stress is a silent killer and can reduce your body’s immune system and aggravate hypertension and incidence of heart disease.

The following techniques show you how to relieve stress in several different ways :-

Acupuncture Massage To Relieve Stress

  • Find the center point between your eyebrows. Press with your finger and keep this position for about one minute and then massage in circles: this motion calms the mind, it slows your brain leading to low levels of stress. As per Chris Caffrey, acupuncturist and consultant, this can also “prevent the excess of wrinkles and ease the tension in the forehead”.
  • Try rubbing your ear lobes with the index finger and thumb. The lobes are very sensitive so, by massaging them you’re helping your body and mind to relax.

Take Mental Vacation

Things are what they are. Over thinking on them will not resolve them nor relieve stress. Set the alarm for ten minutes, close your eyes and focus on breathing. Imagine yourself in a beach with golden sand, feel the breeze. Remove all other thoughts & just try to calm and relax your mind.

Relieve Stress By Using Aromatherapy

  • Get a Full Body Massage with natural oils such as Extra Virgin Coconut Oil. Bathe in a warm tub filled with Epsom Salt and 4 Drops of Lavender Essential Oil. Place two Amethyst Crystals near you to help Calm your nerves, dim the lights. Rest for twenty minutes. Meditate with an Aromatherapy Incense or a Soy Scented Candle and listen to calming music you love.
  • Sing your favorite tune in your heart or out loud.
  • Fragrance of Lavender, Jasmine or Chamomile Oil is known to reduce mental anxiety and relieve stress.
  • Practice Emotional Freedom by tapping on Your Meridian Points.
  •  Practice mindful breathing (On a count of 4 breathe in then hold your breath for 2 counts exhale while counting 4 more). Breathe for ten minutes and don’t think of anything. Stretch for at least five minutes every day.

Be Optimistic – This Will Also Pass

Everyday is not the same. Ups and downs happen with everybody. Winners never quit, quitters never win. By being optimistic, you have a better chance of coming up with an effective plan to work your way out of an adversity. Close your eyes, take deep breath and repeat “All is Well”. This will help you to relieve stress and re-gain confidence.

Stress Relief Through Meditation

Deep breathing meditation exercises have been shown to trigger the body’s relaxation response.

  • Take 50 breaths and count them as you go along. Try not to think about anything else.

When your mind starts racing and your body begins tensing up, stopping to count your breath is one of the easiest ways to bring your anxiety levels down to reasonable levels.

Write It Down

Try writing down everything that’s gone wrong in the last 24, 48 or 72 hours. It’s really a form of purging your system of all the anger you’re storing. You don’t even have to believe it’ll work – it just will.

Deal With Stress – Get A Massage

Massage is amazingly relaxing for the body and mind. If you really don’t want to visit a masseuse, have your significant other give you one. Offer to trade, giving a massage can be almost as relaxing as getting one.

Go For A Nature Walk

Go out for a purposeless walk as if you are communing with nature. Look closely at the flowers, insects, leaves and other gifts of nature. Appreciate the beauty of a setting sun or the waves hitting the rocks. Take a deep breath to smell the fresh air. You will feel calm and relaxed.

Relieve Stress – Take A Bath

Showers are extremely relaxing and soothing and a good aid for stress relief. No matter how you’re feeling when you get in, you’ll be light years better by the time you get out.

Tai Chi Breathing Exercise To Relieve Stress

Breathing is the vital key to reduce stress. Deeper the breath, more the anxiety released. Sit down and breathe with the lower abdomen. Whenever you feel stressed take Slow long deep breaths to control your mind. Pay attention to the air flowing in and out, for a few minutes. By concentrating on your breathing and body movements, you will focus on the present and your mind will shift away from your worries.

Play With Your Children Or With A Pet

Play with your kids. Look at their innocence. For you, your office or job might be the world but for them you are their world.Find some time to play with your pet. There is something very relaxing about petting a dog or cat as they lay beside you on the sofa.

Get Some Sleep For Stress Relief

Human body needs sleep to rejuvenate and for brain to relax and reboot. A tired body reacts poorly to stress and basically everything else. When you will get up, you will start a fresh and will have a better perspective to manage things.

Listen To Music

Simply sit back, relax and enjoy the specific type of music that relaxes you. Do not force yourself to listen to something others say it’s relaxing – if hardcore rock has a relaxing effect on you, then that’s the music you should listen to.

Eat Healthy Food To Relieve Stress

Not eating or emotional eating will not help. You need a solid dose of calcium, magnesium and vitamins to battle stress, feel better and have a lot more energy throughout the day.

Stress Relief Exercises

Fresh air is excellent to cure stress. Gentle massage to the neck and back will often bring relief. Try performing some aerobics while inhaling fresh air, do yoga, go for a walk or a swim. Do not force your body as you need to relax and not overexert your body.

Laugh As Often As Possible

To relieve stress – read jokes, listen to jokes, hang out with funny people, watch movies – do anything that makes you laugh as much as possible. A good laugh has amazing effect on one’s morale and general well being so you should have at least one good laugh per day to take the stress levels away.

Read a Good Book or a Magazine

Reading books is a simple but effective way to distract yourself and unwind. Take fifteen minutes to read something carefully, be it a car magazine or a book by your favorite author, it will help you focus.

For Stress Relief, Be With The Right People

Avoid loneliness. Reach out to your friends or spouse. Don’t bury your worries in your heart as often discussion on a particular topic leads to a solution. The right kind of friends can help relieve stress as they encourage you to be happy and help you plan out a new strategy.

The following activities are extremely good for stress relief :-

  • Walk down memory lane. Visit your old school, the house you grew up in or where you and your significant other had your first date.
  • Tell the people you care for that you love and appreciate them. Smile when they say it back. Feeling of being loved and cared relieve stress.
  • Jump on a Trampoline for 10 Minutes to your favorite song. This will help you unwind and help you relieve stress.
  • Go to your favorite restaurant. Order your favorite food, have a chocolate or a large cup of ice-cream or try something new. Try it. It’s good for Stress Relief.
  • To relieve stress you should take out some time for your hobby. Write, act, sing, paint, or whatever else you do. Just do it whole-heartedly.
  • Take a long drive to help you unwind. Blast the tunes or just coast in silence. Look at the nature observe what other people are doing.
  • Look at photo albums. Good memories help you to remember happier times and relieve stress.
  • Wear your favorite or most attractive outfit. Wear your Best fragrance and go out for window shopping or just stroll in a market place. When you’re confident, you’re less stressed.
  • Take a break. Log off of all social media, turn off the computer and cell phone, and just chill, away from technology. Try new things: restaurants, friends, clothes, dance, hobbies, trends, music, etc. Novelty from routine help relieve stress.
  • Paint something beautiful or interesting. Painting helps to relax and relieve stress as you focus on each stroke.
  • Playing video games may help you vent out your anger and relieve stress. Get some friends together for a tournament or just beat that challenging level by yourself.
  • Go to a Church or Temple.Pray. Give God all of your troubles, ask for help, guidance and stress relief.
  • Think about those that are less fortunate then you. Appreciate what you have achieved in life. Think about people whose goal in life is to reach where you currently are. Your problems become minute when you picture the overall problems of this world.

The fact is stress can never be totally eliminated from a person’s life, but there is always a way to reduce its effects. Don’t live in the future. This is one of the biggest causes of stress. Make sure to give yourself time and don’t overwork yourself. Everything will get done whether you stress about it or not.

The next time you feel stressed, try the above stress relief techniques. They work and will definitely help you relieve stress .

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