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Juice Therapy : Juicing Diet To Detox, Cleansing and Good Health

Learn Which Juice Can Help In a Particular Health Problem

Juice Therapy : Juicing Diet To Detox, Cleanse and Good Health Juice Therapy Is A Natural Way To Good Health Without Chemical Medicines Or Side Effects.

Juice therapy is the art of curing a disease with fresh fruit juices. It uses the fresh, raw juice of vegetables and fruits to nourish and replenish the body. Used as nutritional support during periods of stress and illness, juice therapy can also be used as part of a comprehensive health maintenance plan.

Fruits and their juices are very beneficial to our general health, and can also be helpful in containing specific diseases. All disorders generally respond positively to appropriate fruit juices. Juices  should be consumed during and between regular meals. Fruit juices are highly useful in detoxification, relaxation, improving the immune system, and help fight flu and cold, and bring relief in cases of tiredness, skin problems, etc.

Juice therapy follows a system of cleansing and restoration, and uses fresh juices to provide a nutritional foundation for the body’s curative process. Such juices play an important role with virtually any regimen to cleanse the body and restore vitality.

Fresh fruit and vegetable juices are a concentrated source of energy, and are rich in carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals. Juices with a high content of vitamins, such as citrus fruits or cabbage, help the body absorb iron when added to a meal. This is particularly beneficial to the health of children, who often get inadequate amounts of iron in the irregular diets.

As the interest in nutrition increases and people are getting more and more conscious about what they eat, the interest in fruit and its nutrients also grows. We know that juice therapy  is healthy for us, and that people can be cured by a diet of raw fruits and vegetables. Even cancer can sometimes be checked by this diet . A normal human being can live healthily on fruit & vegetables alone.

ConditionRecommended Juice
For Detoxifying the BodyApple, Grapefruit, Water melon, Ginger juice
For Reducing StressTomato, Carrot juice
For Tired Body, HangoverApple, Orange, Carrot juice
For RelaxationApple, Pineapple, Mint, Lime juice
For Improving DigestionApple, Ginger, Carrot juice
For Improving the Immune SystemApple, Carrot, Lemon, Ginger, Garlic juice
For Cleansing the LiverPineapple, Carrot, Beetroot, Lime juice
As a Skin TonicCarrot, Capsicum juice
ArthritisApple juice
ConstipationGrapefruit juice
AsthmaPapaya juice + Carrot juice
Bladder AilmentsPomegranate juice
High Blood PressureLime juice + Grape and Carrot juice
Low Blood pressure Capsicum + Garlic juice
Blood PurifierTomato juice
ColitisCoconut milk + Carrot juice
AnaemiaDates juice + Grape juice
DiarrhoeaCarrot + Pomegranate juice
GallstoneBeetroot juice
Gall bladderCarrot + Beetroot + Cucumber juice
FeverPomegranate Juice or Grape juice
GasCoconut milk + carrot juice
HeartCarrot + Pineapple Juice with Honey
Anti-Aging, YouthfulnessCucumber + 1/3 part of Pineapple juice
Impotence or InfertilityDry Fruits Milk Shake
IndigestionCoconut milk + Fig Juice + Carrot juice
InfectionsCarrot + Grape juice
KidneysCarrot juice
JaundiceTomato juice
LiverPineapple , Carrot, Beetroot and Cucumber juice

Lemon Juice Therapy

Citric acid, one of the products of our digestive process, is the only acid that reacts with calcium in your body, forming a unique salt. As this salt is dissolved, your body receives phosphorus and calcium – elements that regenerate bone tissue and normalize metabolism. Supplying it in the form of lemon juice allows your body to save energy, which is then used for removing salty deposits from our muscles, bones, blood vessels and joints. Citric acid reacts with amines to form aspartic acid. Natural aspartic acid is very helpful in preventing diseases and that is what empowers lemon juice therapy.

You can make tasty and healthy lemon water or detox lemonade by mixing the juice of one or two lemons with water and adding some sugar or honey to it.

You can consume as much lemon juice as you want, as long as you dilute the juice with sufficient water. Instead of sugar, honey is preferable as it is healthier and does not inhibit the properties of the lemon. Remember to use fresh lemons, and to consume the juice immediately after making it, as lemon juice oxidizes very fast.

Uses of Lemon Juice

  • In case of early symptoms of angina or sore throat, suck on a slice of lemon every 15 minutes. Small amounts of diluted citric acid are able to kill germs.
  • Lemon juice have very strong anti-bacterial properties. Rinse your mouth regularly with a solution of warm, boiled water and lemon juice, in the morning and in the evening for two weeks.
  • Lemon juice is also very effective in strengthening your hair and treating dandruff. If you have weak hair or dandruff, rub the lemon skin on your head with a slice of lemon once a day for 10 days. This will stop the formation of dandruff and put the shine back in your hair.
  • Lemons are rich in Vitamin C, which is essential for the health of your immune and digestive systems.
  • Lemon juice is also known to have antioxidant properties that are effective in fighting cancers.

Lemon Juice Therapy is specially useful for people suffering from Kidney stones. Following is a Lemon Juice Therapy plan:

Day 1 – 1 Lemon – Day 10
Day 2 – 2 Lemons – Day 9
Day 3 – 3 Lemons – Day 8
Day 4 – 4 Lemons – Day 7
Day 5 – 5 Lemons – Day 6

From the Day 1 to the Day 5, increase one lemon every day and from Day 6 to Day 10, subtract one lemon a day. In total, lemon juice squeezed from 30 lemons is consumed during 10 days of lemon juice therapy.

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