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How to Prevent and Remove Wrinkles Naturally

Natural wrinkle treatment. Anti aging skincare and Home remedies to reduce, remove and reverse wrinkles.

How to Prevent and Remove Wrinkles Naturally Stop Wrinkles. Go Natural. Anti aging skincare is easy if done naturally.

Growing age is a nightmare for everyone, especially women. Wrinkles are the most unpleasant and unwelcome signs of aging. As we age the skin starts losing the collagen and elastin present in the connective tissue of the skin. Collagen – a protein that strengthens the cells – is important in maintaining youthful skin. When the collagen under the skin starts breaking down and deteriorates, the skin loses its suppleness, elasticity and smoothness. This leads to delicate creases, fine lines, wrinkles and sagging skin. As you grow older the production and strength of collagen diminishes. This is hastened due to many external factors.

Exposure to sunlight, deficiency of vitamin C and E, smoking, pollutants, lack of proper nutrition and genetic factors are the main causes of aging skin, leading to wrinkles and sagging skin.

Home remedies to Prevent and Remove Wrinkles

Women are always looking for chasing away the unwanted wrinkles. Here are a few simple ways to slow down aging and reduce wrinkles:

  •  Coconut oil is extremely good for chasing away the wrinkles and keeping skin young and healthy. Break open a capsule of vitamin E into the coconut oil and massage gently every night. You will be happy to see the results within a fortnight.
  •  Castor oil is one of the best ways to reduce wrinkles. Add a teaspoon of lemon juice and break open a capsule of vitamin E in castor oil and massage the mixture to the affected areas. Castor oil also works wonders under the eyes.
  •  Nourishing cream made with avocado (one tablespoon), fresh cream (a few spoons), flax seeds (two tablespoons) and honey (one teaspoon) is a sure way to get a smooth, healthy and wrinkle-free skin. Those having wrinkles will also benefit as it will help in reducing the wrinkles. Avocados, rich in nutrients such as vitamins and healthy omega- 3 fats, will strengthen the skin and reduce the wrinkles. It will also keep the skin moist and supple. Flax seeds will also supply omega-3 fatty acids necessary for preventing wrinkles.
  •  Use almond oil under the eyes to reduce fine lines around the eyes.
  •  Egg white applied under the eyes tightens the skin and help reduce wrinkles under the eyes.
  • Mash green grapes and apply on the areas with wrinkles. Leave it for 15-20 minutes before washing with water.
  • Indian gooseberry (Amla) juice mixed with a teaspoon of honey can do wonders for your skin. The fruit is a great source of vitamin C necessary for strengthening the skin. Honey keeps the skin moist and supple. Apply the mixture on the skin and wash off after 10-15 minutes. Use regularly for a smooth, supple and younger skin.

Anti Aging food – Diet to Follow

What we eat directly impacts our body and skin texture. Here are a few simple food ideas that will help slow down aging and stop wrinkles :

  •  Eat plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables. They are rich in nutrients and antioxidants which the body needs for a young and healthy skin. Red and orange colored fruits and vegetables are excellent for keeping the skin healthy.
  •  A diet rich in antioxidants is very essential for a healthy, smooth and wrinkle-free skin. They fight the free radicals responsible for damaging the skin.
  •  Go for foods rich in vitamin C and vitamin E rich foods. Vitamin C besides fighting the damaging free radicals helps in production of collagen necessary for a wrinkle-free skin.
  •  Foods loaded with healthy fats – omega-3 and omega-6 – can be great for the skin. Nuts, flax seeds, sunflower oil, sesame oil are good for keeping the skin healthy.
  •  Top foods that will protect the skin and speed up skin cell repair so that you have a healthy free skin avocados, tomatoes, citrus fruits, walnuts, eggs, fish, beans and pomegranate.

Stop Wrinkles and Anti Aging – Simple tips to Follow

Here are a few simple lifestyle changes that will help avoid wrinkles :

  •   Use sun-protection – avoid exposure to the sun. The ultra-violet rays of the sun can play havoc on your skin and cause premature aging of the skin. They damage the skin cells, speed up collagen breakdown and deterioration. For a smooth, wear sunscreen whenever you go out during the day time.
  •  Wear sun glasses to protect the delicate areas around the eyes from the sun.
  •  Exfoliate regularly – take special care of your skin, especially around the mouth and eyes as they are more prone to wrinkles. Exfoliate the skin regularly twice a week. Look for the natural ways nature for exfoliating. Mashed strawberries are great for this.
  •  Moisturize well – keep your skin well moisturized if you want to reduce the wrinkles. This will also prevent more wrinkles. Moisturizing protects the skin from getting more wrinkles by keeping the skin moist and healthy.
  •  Stay hydrated – a well hydrated skin is very important for reducing and preventing further formation of wrinkles. Drink plenty of water, at least eight-10 glasses every day. This will keep the skin smooth and well-hydrated. A dry skin is more vulnerable to wrinkles.
  •  Quit smoking – smoking causes premature aging of the skin. It speeds up the breakdown of collagen and elastin, hastening the formation of wrinkles, especially around the mouth.

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