goron tula

Everything you will ever want to ask about Goron Tula will be answered on this page.

If you ask to know it’s a side effect, you will find that out here.

You will also get to know the health benefits of this nut.

Lest I forget, Goron Tula is its local name.

The English name for this fruit is snot apple or you can call it silky kola.

This fruit is of African heritage.

So it’s peculiar to Africa.

Should in case you reside outside the African region and wish to get Goron Tula because of its health benefit, then we can help procure it for you regardless of the quantity that you want.

A lot of people have asked about how long it takes for Goron Tula to work.

You will also find that out here.

What is Goron Tula or snot apple?

Here is a brief summary of this magical fruit.

This is a fruit of the African heritage as I earlier mention.

Maybe you are just hearing about Goron Tula or someone told you about it.

But it has been in the traditional medicine shelve for ages.

It is used to cure a lot of illnesses such as:

chest pain, coughs, menstrual issues, and infertility.

Infertility is one of the ailments that is making this fruit really popular since it’s an ailment that is really worrisome amount couples.

Even though this fruit is said to cure these ailments, it is yet to be scientifically proven the effectiveness and the safety of this fruit.

It is specifically found in Northern Nigeria.

People also call it “African chewing gum”.

This is because the fruit is chewy and sweet.

For research purposes, you might want to know about its botanical name.

It is called azanza garckeana.

So now that you already these facts about Goron Tula, let’s talk about some of the health benefits of this fruit.

Goron Tula health benefits

Most of the health benefits of snot apple are sexually related.

Even though it can be used to handle other ailments but mostly sex-related.

Here are some of the benefits:

Boost in libido
Goron tula is used to boost libido since eating the fruit helps in the development of strong sexual impulses and acts as an aphrodisiac after several rounds of having sex with your partner.

Try Goron Tula if you have a reduced libido as a result of stress or other medical issues.

Lubricating the vagina
Goron tula is recommended for use by women who have dry vaginas because it helps produce vaginal moisture and is ideal for maintaining the vaginal area naturally wet when needed.

Also, women finding it very difficult to reach their orgasm no matter how hard they hit them are also advised to use this fruit.

For those of you asking how long you need to chew goron Tula to work, you need to chew between 5–10 pieces, though depending on your body type, you might need to chew more or less.

Increase fertility
Goron tula, according to researchers, can be utilized to increase fertility and reduce reliance on artificial fertility-enhancing medicines.

It has been determined through research published in the Journal of Biology, Agriculture, and Healthcare that the fruit should be promoted.

Eliminates vaginal odor
Gorontula works well to eliminate unpleasant odors originating from the vagina since it helps to cleanse it and acts as a vagina cleaner.

How it works

It works by simply sourcing the fruit and chewing it as the African chewing gum that it is.

So you chew the fruit and do away with the shaft.

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