Whether you are visiting the spa for Sauna or Steam room bather, both methods have a number of health benefits that can be especially noticeable for those who suffer from certain ailments.

The temperatures reached, both in a sauna and in a steam bath, are high.

The big difference is the degree of humidity and the type of construction.

The Sauna

  • In the sauna the heat and the environment are dry.
  • The temperature that can be reached exceeds 90ºC.
  • It is a warm confinement made of wood.
  • The user can sit or stretch out on wooden benches.

Steam Baths

  • A high degree of humidity.
  • The temperature does not usually exceed 50-70ºC although it may not seem so since the humidity reaches 100%.
  • It is a cold structure with tiles, mosaic, or stone.
  • The user can sit or stretch out on benches built into the space.

The choice between a sauna or a steam bath will depend on the preferences of each one.

There are those who are overwhelmed by humidity and prefer the dryness of the sauna and, on the contrary, there are those who prefer to feel the humidity on their skin.

Different benefits

Both the sauna and the steam bath are very beneficial for health since they manage to relax the user, among many other positive aspects.

  • The first thing a person notices when entering a sauna is the increase in temperature caused by perspiration. When perspiring, toxins are cleaned and waste products are eliminated through the pores of the skin.
  • In addition, dry heat acts as a perfect anti-inflammatory for muscle and joint discomfort. Those people who suffer from joint and rheumatological disorders feel relief by performing therapeutic sessions in the sauna.
  • On the other hand, the heartbeat increases by approximately 30% so the heart distributes more blood to the body, to a greater extent to the skin.
  • Regarding blood pressure, it can decrease or increase depending on each individual. For this reason, it is recommended that people with altered blood pressure or heart problems consult their doctor before using the sauna. This assumption also includes pregnant women.
  • On the other hand, the steam bath exudes humid heat, a very positive effect for those with sinusitis, bronchitis, or respiratory allergies. The humidity of the steam bath is of great help to improve the alterations that these pathologies present.
  • In addition, moist heat is also useful as a therapy for respiratory conditions and, if combined with menthol or eucalyptus, the benefit is even greater since they clean the airways by being able to eliminate the mucus that may exist by facilitating its elimination by increasing fluidization.

Use tips

Before going to a sauna or a steam bath, it is advisable to take a look at the advice for use.

  • Avoid the consumption of alcohol or medication before entering a sauna or steam bath.
  • Hydrate well (between 2-4 glasses of water when leaving).
  • Consult your doctor in case of doubt or if you experience any strange sensations.
  • Shower before entering the sauna.
  • Using a towel is a hygienic habit but without preventing the piece from preventing sweating correctly.
  • Sit on the middle or upper benches with the legs at the same height so that the extremities reach the same temperature.
  • Perform the repetitions of the cycles in the case of saunas, that is, go out to cool down after having been inside for 5-10 minutes, before going back to sweat. Carrying out one or two cycles is what is usually recommended.
  • Wear flip flops in steam baths as they are not always places free of fungi and bacteria due to difficulty in cleaning.

What you should know…

  • The use of saunas or steam baths is very healthy but should not be done lightly. Some instructions must be followed.
  • There are many benefits in health, beauty, and well-being that saunas and steam baths provide.
  • Following some habits and tips for use before and during use will allow you to obtain more benefits from the session.

What more do you wish to know?

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